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How do I use my NapNap mat to help my baby sleep?

Setting up your NapNap mat

Before you turn on the mat, ensure that the batteries are sufficiently charged.

To do this, switch on the Power button on the side of the mat (refer instruction manual for the position of the button). If you see the Blue light on, the battery is sufficiently charged. If the blue light is blinking, the battery is low and you need to charge the battery before you use it.  Use the USB charging cable that comes with the mat to charge.

Place your baby on the NapNap mat

It's best to put your baby on the mat when they're showing signs of being tired / cranky or fussy so you can use it to soothe them to sleep.  Make sure the environment is sleep friendly and you're following all of the guidelines of the Lullaby Trust.

Turn on your NapNap Mat

Once you switch on your NapNap Mat, you can simply press the mode button marked as ‘M’  and the first newborn mode comes on. Simply keep pressing the mode button to cycle through 6 different modes to find the best mode for your baby.

The six modes of the NapNap Mat are –

Mode 1 – Low vibration for newborns (0-2months)
Mode 2 – Medium vibrations for 2-6months babies
Mode 3 – High vibration for 6months + babies
Mode 4 – Mum’s mode – To soothe backaches and leg pains
Mode 5 – Heartbeat 1 – Resting heartbeat
Mode 6 – Heartbeat 2 – Active heartbeat

NapNap Mat comes with variations in vibrations to help parents customize the vibrations and white noise to match their baby’s needs. Some babies only need a little extra soothing while some need more soothing. The heartbeat modes that mimic the rhythmic pulsations of maternal blood flow—a baby’s favorite soothing womb-like motion and sound.

Enjoy some rest!