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Safe Sleep Tips

by NapNap Canada on March 17, 2021

Safe Sleep Tips

NapNap mat benefits of vibration for your baby's sleep

Safety is at the heart of everything we do here at NapNap.  Here are some safe sleep tips to help you and your baby.

There is no set safety standard for the type of mats that we produce, however, we voluntarily subject our products to numerous tests and standards as advised by various Testing Houses and regulatory bodies.  We are also members of the Baby Products Association 


NapNap is a member of the Baby Products Association which promotes safety in baby products


It is up to parents how they choose to use their NapNap mats for their babies, however, we always advise that the baby is supervised during use. We do not advise using the mats overnight, unless your baby is being supervised. 

Creating a safe sleep environment is more than just the products you choose, however, it is about what a baby wears to sleep in, the room temperature, the type of crib or moses basket and other external factors which all contribute to healthier, safer baby sleep that helps to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

It is for this reason that we advise all parents to follow the sleep and safety guidelines set out by The Lullaby Trust.


NapNap advises following baby sleep safe guidelines from the Lullaby Trust


Some safe sleep tips from NapNap

  • Keep the cot clear - There should be no blankets, pillows or other objects in your baby's resting space 
  • Baby on back - Place babies on their backs to sleep for the first year
  • Always supervise your baby when they are using their NapNap mat
  • Keep sleeping areas firm and flat. Do not place the mat on a soft surface or anywhere where the baby can fall, i.e. a bed or sofa
  • Don’t use the mat to carry your baby on. It can be used whilst breastfeeding or for a nice cuddle, but make sure you are sitting down and stable
  • Do not use the mat if any parts of it become damaged or waterlogged. The interior of the mat is water-resistant so it can be wiped clean, however it is not designed to be submerged in water as it contains a battery
  • Tummy time – NapNap mats are brilliant for tummy time and can really help to relieve digestive issues and colic before bedtime. If you do choose to use our mats for tummy time please always supervise your baby on the mat
  • Reading the instructions and safety advice carefully

If you have any questions about NapNap mats please email us at

Extra information -

  • Lightweight and Portable – Perfect to pop in your changing bag to create a ‘home from home’ environment to help relax your baby
  • Quality Materials – Our covers are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and all of the materials used in the mat carry the Oeko-Tex certification
  • Easy to clean – Cover is easily removable and machine washable and the internal part of the mat is water resistant and can be wiped with a damp cloth
  • Colour Options – The mat is available in 4 beautiful colours